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DevOps and Security

June 10, 2013

I recently read the book Project Phoenix by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, and George Spafford. If you are in development, IT, and Security it should be #1 on your reading list. In this book the authors discuss all the horrors we hear about in IT with a clear direction on how to fix them. There…

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Continuous Integration in the Cloud

June 26, 2012
Continuous Integration in the cloud

In our intro on Agile Cloud Development, we articulated why we think this is the future of software development. Today we'll kick off the Dev in the Cloud series with a look at Continuous Integration (CI) and the cloud's impact on this popular agile development practice. We'll explain how CI is the essential building block…

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Agile Cloud Development: The Future of Software

June 4, 2012
Agile Cloud Development

Agile Cloud Development is the future of software delivery for organizations wanting to increase business agility and improve their customer's experience

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