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Cisco Acquires Cloupia – Becoming a Management Software Vendor?

November 26, 2012

Through a variety of initiatives including the Insime spin-in and the acquisition of Cloupia, Cisco is signalling that it is heading in the direction of becoming a management software vendor for virtualization and the cloud. This amounts a sharpening of the competitive knives with respect to VMware, and may position Cisco to become a factor…

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Here Comes the Heterogeneous Distributed Enterprise Cloud

August 2, 2012

Taking your cloud from a dev/test/pilot/training use case to an enterprise cloud introduces significant new requirements that first generation cloud management platforms were not designed to meet. Elasticity and self-service are nice features, but these features alone fall far short of what is needed to provision and run enterprise applications in clouds. With the acquisition…

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Managing a Private Cloud on Converged Infrastructure

June 12, 2012

Cloupia and DynamicOps make managing a private cloud on converged infrastructure much easier than it is with vendor provided cloud management solutions. Both cloud management vendors and converged infrastructure vendors should be evaluated on the breadth and depth of their partnerships with their counterparts in the ecosystem.

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