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Amazon Zocalo: What to Do When You Have More Disk Than God

July 15, 2014

Cloud behemoth Amazon has found a new outlet for its NSA-scale™ disk farms in its new enterprise file sync and store service, Zocalo. After years of offering dumb cloud object storage with its Amazon S3 simple storage service, Amazon is climbing up the storage value stack with an enterprise cloud file store that will put…

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EMC ViPR as a Part of a SDDC

May 21, 2013

At EMC World 2013, EMC announced ViPR as the answer to storage within the software defined data center. ViPR presents multiple types of storage while segmenting the control plane from the data plane. In addition, ViPR is a head end, fronting traditional storage arrays as an automation and control point and does not replace any…

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