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  • Software-Defined Operations For Today’s Complex Hybrid IT Environments

    Hybrid IT environments can often add complexity to operations, which impacts your agility and capacity to innovate and create new products. Software-Defined Operations shatters that complexity. Software-controlled workflows and processes let you take advantage of your hybrid environment so you can quickly and dynamically adapt to business needs as they arise. But what exactly do […]

  • Announcing the Zenoss GalaxZ Awards for Excellence in IT Operations

    We’re always excited to hear about the innovative and cool ways companies are using Zenoss solutions. That’s why we established the GalaxZ Awards – to recognize the best achievements of our customers in multiple award categories at the Zenoss’ Annual User Conference, GalaxZ 15, to be held in Austin, TX on May 4 – 6. […]

  • Zenoss 5: The Only Dynamic Unified Monitoring System Built on a Big Data Foundation

    By leveraging two new storage technologies, Zenoss extends further support of the requirements for software-defined operations by centralizing data collection in a way that gives your IT teams the ability to leverage scalable big data store and real-time visibility into the overall health of your organization, all while making data collection and analysis cheaper and […]