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  • Software-Defined Operations: Scale and Adapt to Business Demands

    Software-Defined Operations (SDO): At A Glance In our last post, we began to explore the origins of software-defined operations and why it’s absolutely essential for complex, modern hybrid IT environments. The general premise: your IT infrastructure shouldn’t interfere with business operations that drive revenue to keep you competitive and relevant. We’ve already seen operational improvements […]

  • Traits of Successful IT Leadership in Transition

    “We Educate Leaders Who Make a Difference in the World.” That simple phrase is the mission of the Harvard Business School. It begs the question: are these people born to leadership or educated to become leaders? For those of us who lack the inherent genes, aspiring to acquire leadership traits and skills can be a […]

  • Software-Defined Operations For Today’s Complex Hybrid IT Environments

    Hybrid IT environments can often add complexity to operations, which impacts your agility and capacity to innovate and create new products. Software-Defined Operations shatters that complexity. Software-controlled workflows and processes let you take advantage of your hybrid environment so you can quickly and dynamically adapt to business needs as they arise. But what exactly do […]