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Xangati for ESX is a line of virtual appliances providing real-time, continuous visibility into the activity of a VMware ESX/ESXi host, its virtual machines (VMs) and the infrastructure resources they use. Xangati for ESX products uniquely display the relationships between your VMs and other resources on your infrastructure in a continuous manner to answer questions including:

  1. What is a VM doing?
  2. What applications is it running and how much CPU and memory is it using?
  3. What storage is being accessed and what is the latency?
  4. Which end users are accessing the VM?

Xangati for ESX comes in two versions:

Xangati for ESX: A free tool designed for smaller scale environments with only a few ESX/ESXi hosts. This is a great tool to understand the value Xangati products can provide and it is recommended to put it on an ESX you want deeper visibility into. It provides:

  1. Auto discovery and naming of ESX/ESXi’s VMs and applications
  2. Continuous, real-time visibility into over 100 metrics on an ESX/ESXi host and its VMs activity including communications, CPU, memory, disk and storage latency
  3. DVR recording and replaying of activity with scroll-bar
  4. Visibility into vSwitch communications
  5. 12 weeks of historical reporting on named identities

Xangati for ESX Pro: This version extends the visibility offered by Xangati for ESX with integration to VMware vCenter so alarms/alerts will automatically trigger DVR recordings. Xangati for ESX Pro also supports more named identities and offers integration to Xangati Management Dashboards. It provides:

  1. All of the features of Xangati for ESX
  2. DVR recordings triggered by vCenter alerts
  3. Additional named identities for reporting
  4. Integration with Xangati Management Dashboards for enterprise-wide visibility across multiple ESX/ESXi hosts and physical infrastructure

Xangati Management Dashboards

Xangati Management Dashboards provide performance insight into multiple ESX/ESXi hosts, VMs, storage, network, applications and end-user devices across virtual and the supporting physical infrastructure. The Xangati Management Dashboard answers questions such as:

  1. Which hosts have the highest storage latency?
  2. Which VMS are using the most memory?
  3. What applications and desktops are running in which VMs?
  4. Who is using what application?
  5. How much storage is each VM using right now?

With Xangati Management Dashboards you troubleshoot, design and optimize your infrastructure to overcome VM stall and accelerate your virtualization initiatives:

  • Save time by troubleshooting performance problems up to 10X faster with live, dynamic drill-down navigation showing actual activity instead of averages
  • Design superior deployments using virtual and physical communication profiles and extensive storage latency, CPU and memory statistics
  • Reduce costs by optimizing performance with live physical and virtual communications presented in the same pane of glass

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