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 VMTurbo Operations Manager

VMTurbo simplifies the administration of complex virtual and cloud environments, enabling you to increase utilization, drive virtualization more broadly, and adopt cloud architectures. With VMTurbo Operations Manager, you can:

  • Close the loop – automate the decision-making process
  • Prevent problems – instead of simply alerting or predicting
  • Assure application performance – at the lowest TCO
  • Simplify control – across any hypervisor or cloud architecture

As companies broaden their use of virtualization and adopt cloud services, the management approach must change to solve for the interference and resource contention that often accompanies a shared resource model, and take advantage of the increased fluidity now provided. VMTurbo enables this new approach – giving IT control by driving automated, intelligent decision-making across the virtual data center.

The technology addresses resource contention before problems occur, makes certain that applications have the resources they require, and ensures the infrastructure is utilized in most efficient way possible. The result: IT operators are freed from the reactive, firefighting mode that encompasses most organizations; architects and planners are able to effectively plan for new virtual applications, additional users, and hardware upgrades; and companies are able to push forward – with confidence – with their virtualization and cloud-adoption initiatives.

How It Works

VMTurbo’s Economic Scheduling Engine continuously tunes the environment to reduce resource contention and avoid performance issues before problems occur. The technology represents the virtualized IT environment as a marketplace. It conceptualizes the infrastructure as a service supply chain and balances workloads according to supply and demand – based on price and budget priority. At any time, there is a certain supply of CPU, memory, drive space, IOPS, and other resources demanded by virtual machines and applications. Resource prices fluctuate according to utilization rates as demand changes. In this abstraction layer – as in any market –buyers are constantly shopping around for better prices and sellers raise price as resources become scarce.

Using VMTurbo Operations Manager, high priority, business-critical applications are given more currency to spend on resources. Should contention in the environment become elevated, resources become over-utilized or scheduling conflicts occur, those applications are able to afford the resources needed to preserve performance and reliability levels. Lower priority applications utilize lower priced services. Conflicts are automatically resolved by the market according to business requirements. You achieve the optimal operating zone when both performance and utilization are maintained.

Why VMTurbo?

The biggest challenge you face is how to ensure the performance of mission-critical applications while getting the most out of your virtual infrastructure. It’s a very complex problem – and a delicate balancing act. The cost of getting it wrong is enormous. If you provision for the peaks to ensure performance and service delivery, resources are underutilized 90% of the time. If your emphasis is over-weighted on saving costs on your infrastructure, you run the risk of service level issues—which affects your organization’s ability to operate optimally and efficiently. It’s a business imperative to properly right-size and continuously tune the shared infrastructure in order for your virtualized and cloud environments to be more successful.

VMTurbo closes the loop between collecting data and controlling the environment. Our solution taps into the increased agility provided by virtualization to continually tune, adjust, and plan how the infrastructure is optimized based on the needs and demands of your entire infrastructure today and in the future.

How to Purchase and Pricing

VMTurbo is available in three editions, tailored to each stage of virtualization technology adoption:

A FREE, unlimited-use Community Edition for infrastructure monitoring, problem detection and historical reporting
Enterprise Operations Manager for real-time optimization and capacity planning of single-site data centers
Cloud Operations Manager for real-time optimization and capacity planning for multi-site and cloud environments

Key Feature

Cloud Edition

Enterprise Edition

Community Edition

APM Module

Infrastructure Performance Visibility

Capacity and Performance Alerting

Management Reporting

Capacity Planning

Resource Optimization and Tuning

Problem Prevention

Automated Recommendations

Multi‐Hypervisor Management

API Integration and Support

Multi‐Tenant Management

Cloud‐Scale Management

Cloud Architecture Integration (vCD/CloudStack)

Guided Workflow for Onboarding Workloads

Aggregated Views/Management of Distributed Deployments

Application Performance Visibility

Application Discovery and Policy

Application Load Balancer Integration

Price per physical socket





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