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Veeam Reporter

Reporter All there is to know about your VMware Infrastructure, in virtually no time. 

Veeam Reporter automatically discovers and collects information about your VMware Infrastructure environment, its components and configuration settings, and provides comprehensive visual reports for analysis, documentation and decision-making support. The product is designed for professional use by ESX consultants, administrators, system integrators and datacenter managers. Informative VMware Performance, Storage, Capacity Reporting in one tool.

Veeam Reporter extends the capabilities of VMware VirtualCenter Maps, and offers you convenient reports in different formats. The reports are essential for current infrastructure analysis and planning, troubleshooting, change management and inventory.



Discovers all there is to know

about your infrastructure. See the whole picture from the viewpoint of Network, Configuration, Storage and VMotion. Now you can easily see the most important properties and configuration settings for all inventory objects from interactive and printable reports.

Container based collection

Now you can select the root object you want to report on and receive the good looking Visio reports by Datacenter, Cluster or Folder. The flexibility to limit the collection scope is crucial when managing large VirtualCenter environments.

Storage capacity report

Provides statistics on datastore capacity and utilization, virtual machine population on those datastores, and lets you see what virtual machines are running out of free space on their logical disks.
(Available on activating the Full license. The trial version provides only a sample report.)

Visio Diagrams

Configuration diagrams in Visio show you the virtual network elements, their properties, interdependencies.

Excel spreadsheets

Reporting via structured Excel spreadsheets helps you quickly search large amounts of data to find the detail you need.

Word and PDF reports

Word and PDF versions of the reports document your Virtual Infrastructure; comparing versions of documents in Word helps you track changes.

For more information please visit VMware Performance, Storage, Capacity reporting.

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