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Veeam Management Suite


Leverage and protect your investments in VMware with the Veeam Management Suite.

The Veeam Management Suite is a set of industry-leading solutions for VMware backup and management, designed to provide significant cost savings, increase administrator productivity, and mitigate daily management risks for VMware deployments of all sizes. This cost-effective solution will help you automate routine processes of VMware management and gain complete control over your virtual infrastructure.

The Veeam Management Suite includes the following solutions to support your business needs as your environment grows over time:

  • Backup and Recovery. With Veeam Backup & Replication, #1 Backup for VMware, you get a reliable, enterprise-ready disaster recovery solution for your VMware vSphere environment that offers 2-in-1: backup and replication, fast file-level restore for Windows and Linux, and built-in de-duplication – all in a single product, to protect your VMware infrastructure.
  • Reporting and Documentation. Veeam Reporter Enterprise is the first reporting and change management solution specifically designed for large VMware environments. Whether you need to document your virtual environment for executive management, to comply with internal or external requirements for IT documentation, or just to track and document changes, Veeam Reporter Enterprise can help you create management reports and detailed documentation on your virtual environment.
  • Performance monitoring and alerting. Rapidly becoming an industry standard for performance monitoring, capacity planning and troubleshooting for VMware, Veeam Monitor meets the day-to-day needs of VMware administrators. It provides support for troubleshooting and issue resolution, as well as trend reporting and capacity planning – equipping you to proactively manage Virtual Infrastructure 3 (VI3) and vSphere system health and performance today and over the long term.
  • Configuration management. Discover, manage and enforce your ESX and ESXi hosts’ configuration from a single interface. Veeam Configurator automatically discovers ESX and ESXi configurations across the enterprise and creates Veeam host profile templates. These templates can then be applied to groups of VMware hosts, and periodic scans can uncover inconsistencies and allow administrators to enforce defined templates to ensure policy compliance.

Leverage and protect your investments in VMware with the Veeam Management Suite

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