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Veeam Configurator

Discover, manage and enforce your ESX servers’ configuration from a single interface.

Setting up and properly configuring your ESX servers isn’t difficult. But over time, things can change. How do you know which ESX servers are still configured as intended, and which have “drifted”? Veeam Configurator helps to ensure that your ESX server configuration complies with corporate policies and standards across your entire VMware Virtual Infrastructure (VI).

You can think of Veeam Configurator as essentially a “group policy” for your ESX servers. Similarly to Windows Group Policy, Veeam configuration templates allow you to take complete control of your ESX servers, making sure that existing servers are fully compliant with your corporate standards, and simplifying the provisioning of new ESX servers.


Automated discovery

Veeam Configurator allows you to quickly scan all your ESX servers to find and group servers with matching configuration. Just install the product, and in less than 5 minutes you will get a detailed view of the current configuration of you ESX servers. See what ESX servers have configuration that differs from the majority of other servers, and what those configuration settings are. This discovery data also provides you with a starting point for creating your own common configuration templates, so that you don’t have to build your configuration templates from scratch. Considering that there are almost a hundred configuration settings to be defined, the time savings can be significant.

Change management and reporting

Veeam Configurator offers configuration template settings reports, as well as configuration difference reports comparing various ESX servers. These reports are generated in Veeam’s VMR format, and can be viewed on any computer with the Veeam Report Viewer and Microsoft Office installed.

Complete configuration management

With Veeam Configurator, you can quickly and easily discover the current settings for all your ESX hosts, review and adjust these settings as needed, and use that information to define your baseline configuration templates. These templates can then be applied to groups of ESX servers simultaneously, allowing you to centrally manage the configuration of all your ESX servers.

Compliance auditing

At any time, you can run the Configurator scan again, and receive detailed reports of exactly which ESX servers match the templates, which do not, and where the differences lie.

Change simulation

Veeam Configurator includes a modeling mode, which simulates the application of a template to specific ESX servers, and provides a log of all changes that would be applied to each ESX server. This allows VMware administrators to review and confirm all changes before actually executing them.

Configuration experts

Veeam Configurator also comes with six “Experts” that automate additional common ESX server configuration tasks to save you even more time.

RootAccess Expert helps you to enable or disable remote root access.

TimeSync Expert allows you to check, modify and apply the correct NTP configuration for all ESX Servers within your VI3 environment.

AddUser Expert helps you create a user account with shell access on one or multiple ESX hosts simultaneously.

Storage Rescan Expert automates storage rescan operation for selected ESX hosts group.

ESXDiag Expert reports on service console configuration, TCP and DNS settings, scheduled services that have failed to launch, NTP settings and shows the time difference between a public NTP server and the specific ESX host.

CustomScript Expert allows you to run a custom script for every ESX Server in the VI3, or in the specified server group, and consolidate the output into a single view.

For more information please visit VMware ESX configuration templates, network and storage configuration.

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