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nworks for Microsoft Ops Mgr


VMware Monitoring with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager

Leverage your investment in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager to confidently give operations personnel the ability to assume routine VMware infrastructure monitoring. Free up VMware professionals to focus on troubleshooting, capacity planning and other specialized tasks.

The innovative nworks Collector does not require agent software on ESX hosts, which eliminates any risk of agent software impacting ESX availability. Because the nworks Management Pack (MP) uses the VMware API, ESXi is fully supported.




Single, common management console

Equip your 24/7 enterprise operations staff to perform routine VMware infrastructure monitoring in System Center Operations Manager – without specialized virtualization expertise or additional training. The MP for VMware provides out-of-the-box thresholds, dashboards, alerts, reports, and detailed knowledgebase data that leverages the full power of System Center Operations Manager.

Future-proof solution

The nworks Collector component provides agentless monitoring of the VMware infrastructure, eliminating the risk of agent software impacting ESX host stability and performance. Because nworks uses the VI API, there is no need for agent recertification for new hypervisor versions or patches, and full ESXi support is provided.

Qualified through the VMware Ready testing process by VMware, the nworks MP is certified as VMware Ready Optimized, providing your assurance that this solution is secure, stable, safe to deploy and offers the lowest integration cost for VMware environments. The nworks MP version 5.0 delivers native support for VMware’s latest vSphere events and capabilities, enabling an in-depth and comprehensive integration between the VMware infrastructure and System Center Operations Manager.

Proactively monitor virtual infrastructure resources

Integrate visibility of key VI data into Microsoft System Center Operations Manager:

  • Virtual Machine metrics such as CPU ready time, swapfile usage and balloon memory.
  • Physical ESX host hardware sensors such as fan speed, chassis temperature, and power consumption.
  • ESX hypervisor metrics such as HBA I/O and latency, swapfile performance, and datastore space.
  • vCenter events on DRS, HA, VM deployment, licensing, permissions, configuration and more.

Comprehensive end-to-end monitoring

The nworks MP for VMware provides integration of application and service data with the vSphere topology. In addition to comprehensive agentless monitoring, the MP for VMware leverages data from Operations Manager agents running inside Windows VMs. This breakthrough functionality enables a fully integrated picture, with end-to-end monitoring extending all the way from VI-datacenter, to ESX cluster, to ESX host, to VM, to enterprise applications such as SQL Server, Active Directory, and Microsoft Exchange running inside virtual machines.

Enterprise-class scalability and performance

The nworks MP includes all the components needed for secure, enterprise-ready operations with a distributed architecture, high availability, and automatic load-balancing, offering continuous monitoring of the largest ESX environments with maximum efficiency and minimal overhead.

Centralized management for licensing and configuration across multiple nworks Collector servers greatly simplifies deployment tasks and ongoing operations overhead for dynamically growing environments. The nworks Management Center manages multiple Collectors, automatically distributing licenses and monitoring tasks as required and dynamically load balancing for maximum performance and continuous monitoring for your business-critical VMware systems

More than 300 VMware-specific metrics and events

The nworks MP allows for out-of-the-box monitoring with more than 300 VMware-specific metrics, properties and events including CIM SMASH hardware sensor metrics (e.g. temperature, voltage, fan speed). It automatically builds a full VI3 Topology Diagram in Operations Manager to help you visually spot the probable root-cause.

New in version 5.0

With new version 5.0 you can benefit from:

  • Support for VMware vSphere, vCenter v4.0 and ESX v4.0 – nworks MP for VMware v5 has full native support for vSphere VI-API v4.0, with many new events, policies, monitors and topology objects
  • nworks Management Center – a web-based nworks Collector administration interface provides centralized configuration of a group of nworks Collectors, enabling Collectors’ high-availability and load balancing of monitoring jobs
  • License Server – the License Server manages a pool of licenses across all nworks Collectors, automatically distributing licenses as required

For more information please visit VMware monitoring & management with Microsoft  MOM/SCOM.

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