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  • What does the future of Microsoft Azure VM backup hold?

    Today, Microsoft announced a whole slew of enhancements to Microsoft Azure IaaS backup capabilities. While the announcement is focused on native backups (Azure to Azure), there is one adjacent development that really makes me excited: the new feature called Snapshot Extension. This is designed to allow Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) image-level access into the Azure VM backup snapshot data, which in turn opens up pretty much endless capabilities, including backup of Azure VMs back to your on-premises environment. And I am particularly excited for this, because the functionality looks to be implemented in the exact same way that I’ve been asking Microsoft Azure data protection folks to implement it – so I like to think my feedback was considered during the design.

    But let me step back a little and explain why performing backups of your VMs running in the public cloud back to on-premises environment is so important. Some of you may ask – why do so, when all public cloud vendors already provide built-in backup service? Well, here is the story I like to tell in response to that.

  • Top 4 Reasons Channel Partners Partner with Veeam

    The Veeam ProPartner Program affirms our commitment to our partners and helping them to expand their reach in the market. We do this by providing access to the tools and resources necessary to differentiate their business so they may become more profitable. It’s our goal to help our partners maximize profit, increase revenue, and expand their virtualization business by selling industry-leading solutions that deliver Availability for the Modern Data Center™.

    Veeam is a 100 percent channel company. Our entire ProPartner Program, including program offerings, training and education, sales resources and support, and marketing programs, are built around 4 guiding principles. These principles, Veeam’s Guiding Partner Principles, are at the core of every decision we make. We believe these principles are also why many of our partners choose to partner with us.

  • VMware vSphere 6 support coming soon

    Hey everyone, we've had a lot of questions coming from all directions about vSphere 6 and you likely heard that vSphere 6 is out! A big congratulations to VMware for the release, and we are excited for the new features now available.

    However, we are starting to see a number of support cases from customers who have upgraded to VMware vSphere 6. We would like to remind you that according to the official system requirements, generally available (GA) versions of our products DO NOT support vSphere 6. Please, DO NOT upgrade to vSphere 6 until updates to our products that include vSphere 6 support are available.

    The current status of our vSphere 6 support efforts is as follows. The vSphere 6 RTM build was made generally available on 12 March, and we have been conducting full regression QC testing of all Veeam® Backup & Replication™ functionality to ensure that the our vSphere 6 support functionality, developed based on pre-release vSphere builds, is not impacted by the changes in the RTM build—so that our customers can be confident in upgrading to the latest VMware release. Based on our testing, we already determined at least one area in which the RTM build introduces a significant change (when compared to the RC code), and we are now working to address it.

    Veeam has consistently been one of the first data protection independent software vendors (ISVs) to provide full support for all new vSphere releases, and as such, we are again committed to bringing vSphere 6 support to market as soon as possible, while meeting our product quality standards and ensuring all new vSphere 6 features, including VMware Virtual Volumes (vVOLs), are supported right out of gate. Taking into account the significant amount of new vSphere 6 features we need to support—and this is subject to change as we continue to evaluate changes in the final vSphere 6 release code— we expect to support vSphere 6 by the end of April 2015 as a part of Veeam Backup & Replication 8.0 Update 2.

    When it comes to data protection, we adhere to these guiding principles:

    Never rush data protection software, no matter what. Ensuring reliability is paramount, and there cannot be any excuses, No customer wants to be acting as a quality control engineer.Always do full regression testing against the shipping code. Things may change with the APIs and how core components behave. This has happened before! We never assume that the code that was working with the pre-release versions will continue to work with the RTM build.Always provide support for all new platform features when claiming platform support. The ability for a customer to protect any and all workloads running on the new platform is paramount. No customer wants to be running into limitations that prevent them from protecting those workloads which do use new platform features.

    These details are important to us. We don’t want you to have a false sense of security, and this is why you’ll see that Veeam Backup & Replication explicitly does not support new platforms until its official from us.

    More info:

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