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Teradici & the PCoIP® Protocol

PCoIP® technology transforms your virtual desktop into a powerful and secure experience

Teradici PCoIP technology provides an uncompromised desktop experience that makes centralized enterprise computing truly viable for both PC-based knowledge workers and workstation power users, either locally via LAN or remotely via WAN – while maintaining the highest form of data security.

With Teradici PCoIP technology, CIOs can finally replace all desktop computing devices including workstations, PCs and thin clients and realize all of the substantial benefits: from data security to ease of IT management.





PCoIP Solution Ecosystem

PCoIP Solution Ecosystem

The PCoIP protocol is implemented in silicon for hardware accelerated performance, and in software in both VMware View and Teradici’s new Arch software solution for Microsoft RDS deployments. Partners like HP, Samsung, Dell Wyse and Cisco bring PCoIP zero clients to market in the form of integrated monitors, stand alone desktop devices and IP phones.  View full PCoIP product listings



Featured Products

Teradici Arch Published Desktop

Teradici Arch is a software-based solution for Microsoft Windows Server RDS that uses the high-performance PCoIP protocol as an alternative to Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), enabling a better user experience and access to the entire PCoIP ecosystem.

  • Consolidate mixed deployments of VMware View VDI and Microsoft RDS sessions on one protocol: PCoIP
  • Improve end user experience over any network with Teradici’s adaptive PCoIP protocol
  • Access the extensive PCoIP ecosystem of secure, low OPEX zero clients

PCoIP zero client enables the ultimate virtual desktop and remote workstation experience

PCoIP zero clients are hardware based endpoints that use a highly integrated, purpose-built processor to perform image decompression and decoding. PCoIP zero clients do not have a general purpose CPU, local data storage or application operating systems, resulting in ultra-secure and easy to manage clients that do not require regular updates or patches.

  • Enhanced security due to the absence of data at the desktop
  • Low maintenance and cost savings
  • A variety of form factors and the largest partner ecosystem to choose from

PCoIP Zero Client Video

Teradici APEX 2800 server offload card – an easy to implement, cost-effective ‘insurance’ for consistent user experience

– an easy to implement, cost-effective ‘insurance’ for consistent user experience

The Teradici APEX 2800 server offload card ensures the success of VMware View and Microsoft RDSH deployments with Teradici Arch by offloading PCoIP image encoding tasks and reducing server CPU utilization. This empowers IT managers to protect and ensure a consistent user experience while enabling increased VDI consolidation ratios.

Coupled with next-generation PCoIP zero clients, the APEX 2800 with software release 2.0 delivers a consistent user experience by improving frame rates megapixels per second by as much as 2X more than software encoding.

  • Ensures VMware View and Teradici Arch RDS deployment success
  • Reduces peaks in server CPU utilization
  • Provides a consistently optimal user experience
  • Improves VDI consolidation ratios

APEX video

PCoIP Partners

Extensive partner ecosystem

PCoIP technology is available in a variety of products and solutions from leading OEMs and partners, providing the choice that IT needs for effective desktop virtualization.

Where to buy PCoIP products.



About Teradici

Teradici drives innovation to fundamentally change the way people use and deploy computers by developing technology and solutions that deliver a true, uncompromised PC user experience over IP networks.

Our focused approach in designing advanced image processing algorithms enables the physical separation of the computer and the user, and ultimately will change the way enterprises compute. With this unique concept which we call PC-over-IP® display protocol technology (or simply ‘PCoIP’), we deliver an uncompromised experience to the user while providing rigorous security and superior management of the computing system.

The concept is simple, bridging a true PC or workstation computing experience over the network. However, to do it right, the technology is extremely complex. This technology is the first of its kind, and represents the beginning of a new evolution of massively consolidated data center-based computing.

Our seasoned team of hardware and software engineers comes from a number of leading technology companies. We are backed by noteworthy venture capital companies from the Silicon Valley, Canada and Europe. And our technical advisors and board members represent a preeminent list of industry pioneers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

We work with technology partners to develop PCoIP products, with OEM partners that integrate PCoIP into their products, and with a large number of channel partners.


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