Centralize, Search and Analyze Your Logs

Get the Operational Insights that Matter the Most



Simple, Powerful Search Quickly find exactly what you need within your logs using keywords, regular expressions and our simple yet powerful search language (AND, OR, NOT and field level operators >,<, =, etc.). Logentries.search
Logentries.navigation Visualization and Easy Click NavigationInteractive graphs, visualizations, and quick drill-down into your logs immediately pinpoint log events in days, weeks, or month.
Dynamic Tagging and Real-time Alerts Easily highlight errors, warnings and exceptions, or business events such as log-ins, registrations and payments with real-time email, mobile, or webhook alerts. tagging
logs.metrics Logs as Metrics Extract field level values, analyze them using powerful search functions, and visualize them with detailed dashboards.
Dynamic Log Correlation Dynamically group and correlate your logs in a single dashboard, or aggregate logs from a particular system to give an end-to-end view.



Live Tail View your streaming logs in real-time and highlight important events to easily see errors or exceptions in your live data.


S3 Archiving Backup your log data daily to long term and cost effective triple redundancy storage in a SOC 2 compliant data center. s3.archiving
server.monitoring Server Monitoring Monitor critical server stats and auto-generate log data for real-time alerting, visualized trending and deep performance insight.
Open API Build easy, out-of-the-box integrations using Logentries’ open API; leverage existing toolsets and system integrations, including HipChat, PagerDuty and Campfire. open.api
team.annotationis Team-based Annotations See team member comments, share expertise, and maintain context with the new team-based view of system activity and log events; identify and resolve issues together in real-time.

“My DevOps team loves the real-time alerting when fatal errors or important events occur in our apps.”- Ed Byrne, CEO, Copper.io.


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