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Intigua virtualizes the management layer, bringing cloud-grade scalability and agility to infrastructure monitoring and management for the first time. Winner of the “Best of VMworld 2012 Gold Award” for New Technology, Intigua enables enterprises to ensure the performance, availability and security of critical applications running on physical, virtual and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Intigua is an enterprise cloud management company solving a major and often unforeseen challenge faced by IT when transitioning to cloud infrastructures: How to extend deeply-embedded server monitoring, configuration management and security technologies never intended for the massive scale and dynamic nature of today’s private, public and hybrid clouds – but essential for delivering uptime, performance and security for production applications.

Enterprises today can’t fully benefit from the agility and cost-savings of cloud computing because management applications are still based on a 1990s operational model where management agents are physically installed and tightly-coupled to each server end-point. This model was originally designed for static, physical data centers where servers changed relatively infrequently.

Intigua virtualizes the management layer – just as servers, storage and networks have been virtualized — de-coupling agents from the underlying server infrastructure. By eliminating the need to install physical agents on servers and encapsulating agents in self-contained virtual containers (similar to VMDKs), Intigua makes ongoing management tasks such as provisioning and updating agents as simple as copying a single file to all required servers. These virtual agents deliver the exact same functionality as their physical counterparts but do not make changes (registry/DLLs, shared objects, directories, etc.) to the servers on which they are running.

And by developing a new abstraction layer for management, Intigua prepares organizations for the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) and delivering “IT as a service,” transforming existing management applications into dynamic, policy-based data center services that are much simpler to provision and control.

Intigua also helps ensure uptime, performance and security by ensuring that critical agents are installed and running properly at all times; by “sandboxing” agents in virtual containers to prevent any outages due to misbehaving agents; and by automating many of the manual processes associated with agents, reducing the potential for human error.



IT organizations can also now control and monitor all of their management applications from a single unified console and REST API in real-time — using centralized and standardized policies — across physical, virtual and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Intigua enables scalability and agility by virtualizing existing management applications — eliminating the need to physically install agents on the target OS of all servers, and reducing the time and effort required to provision and update management software across large-scale infrastructures.

It enhances reliability and lowers deployment risk by encapsulating management software in self-contained virtual containers – similar to VMDKs — that run completely isolated from underlying OSs.

Scalability is also achieved by tightly integrating with hypervisor management platforms such as VMware vCenter.

For the first time, IT organizations can configure centralized policies to govern the amount of VM resources consumed by management software, ensuring quality of service for production applications. Auto-remediation policies can also automatically re-start agent processes (and related OS processes such as WMI) in case of failure.

Plus, IT organizations can now continuously monitor and control all of their heterogeneous management applications in real-time from a single unified console.


Administrators can configure centralized policies to govern the amount of VM resources consumed by management applications, ensuring quality of service for business applications executing on the same VMs. They can also configure Proactive Management policies to perform auto-remediation actions on failed management software.


Intigua provides a single unified console for continuously monitoring the health of all management applications in your environment. It also provides centralized control such as the ability to start or stop all management services on target VMs simultaneously.



Infrastructure monitoring and management tools are essential for IT operations, but management applications are often difficult to provision, update and roll-back — especially in large-scale infrastructures that are constantly changing. Plus, misbehaving management software can wreak havoc with SLAs, impacting performance and availability of Tier 1 apps.

Intigua virtualizes the management layer, de-coupling the management stack from the underlying infrastructure to make it more scalable, agile and automated. This innovative approach enables IT organizations to:

  • Rapidly provision and update management software — as well as quickly roll-back faulty upgrades — by virtualizing management applications, eliminating the need to physically install agents on all target servers.
  • Exceed SLAs by sandboxing management software in virtual containers (similar to VMDKs) and controlling the percentage of VM resources consumed by them, via centralized policies, in order to assure quality of service for business applications.
  • Span hybrid clouds with a single centralized solution for physical, virtual, private and public cloud, and hybrid infrastructures.
  • Gain visibility and control into the health of all your management software via a single unified dashboard, and instantly start/stop management processes executing on all VMs simultaneously.
  • Ensure security & compliance by auto-discovering all VMs and automatically assigning the proper security and compliance software to them, based on policies.  Intigua also simplifies privileged access control by eliminating the need for root access to provision, update and diagnose management software.
  • Integrate and extendLeverage our REST API for rapid integration with cloud orchestration solutions such as vCloud Director and scripting platforms such as Chef and Puppet. Integrate Intigua into your existing infrastructure via broad support for heterogeneous management environments (IBM Tivoli, HP, Microsoft, Hyperic, Puppet, Splunk,etc.), operating systems and hypervisor platforms.

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