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HyTrust is the Cloud Security Automation company. Its virtual appliances provide the essential foundation for cloud control, visibility, data security, management and compliance. HyTrust mitigates the risk of catastrophic failure and data breaches — especially in light of the concentration of risk that occurs within virtualization and cloud environments. Organizations can now confidently take full advantage of the cloud, and even broaden deployment to mission-critical applications.


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Why is HyTrust Needed?

Organizations are rapidly adopting virtualized server infrastructures, as well as considering public cloud infrastructures as a service options to reduce costs and support business agility. By nature, virtualization removes the physical airgaps that used to separate server hardware, applications and administrators. As mission-critical applications and data are increasingly consolidated into these software-defined networks, the administrators of those networks (or anyone who gains their credentials) have very broad access. Accidental misconfiguration or malicious actions can have a far greater impact. Lastly, virtual machines are dynamic and highly mobile: they are easily copied, replicated and re-instantiated, making them more vulnerable to theft or misuse.

How Does HyTrust Help?

HyTrust addresses these concerns in two primary ways: automating policies to control what administrators can and can’t do, while providing a comprehensive audit trail of all activity (or attempted actions), while also encrypting the virtual machines, securing the data at rest in private, hybrid or public clouds. Key management is easy to deploy, and can be managed on your premises, even if your data resides in the cloud.

HyTrust CloudControl™ (formerly HyTrust Appliance)

Hytrust CloudControl is a virtual appliance that sits between administrators and VMware vSphere, adding critical access controls, visibility and secure multi-tenancy to your virtual infrastructure.

Hytrust Cloud Control

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HyTrust DataControl™ (formerly HighCloud Security)

HyTrust DataControl™ helps organizations lock down virtual machines and their data so they remain secure throughout their lifecycle—from creation until they are securely decommissioned—easily and automatically.

HyTrust DataControl virtual machine encryption and key management were built specifically to address the unique requirements of private, hybrid and public clouds, combining robust security, easy deployment, exceptional performance, and infrastructure independency.

HyTrust Data Control

HyTrust Data Control (click to expand)

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