The Virtualization Practice


Define, deploy and manage cloud applications your way

Reusable Components

Re-use, re-assemble, accelerate

Be agile. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Reuse application components and maximize your productivity.

Model services and platforms

Boxes are reusable software systems defining different components of n-tier applications – databases, language runtimes, web servers and middleware. You can run your applications by assembling the right boxes and adding your code



Customize the application platform

A box definition contains scripts, code and configuration information. You can easily create boxes for custom applications and services by using standard scripting languages (bash, PowerShell, etc.) or CM tools (Puppet and Chef). You can also configure Jenkins to monitor version control and perform continuous integration. Your team can re-use boxes across different applications and providers

Launch application stacks


Teams can assemble and launch n-tier applications by mixing and matching boxes. Launching applications from boxes gives you both consistency and agility.


Cross-Cloud Capabilities

Your applications on any cloud

ElasticBox supports all leading cloud providers, so you won’t be boxed into any specific vendor. Public, private or hybrid cloud. You choose.

Amazon Web Services

ElasticBox gives you full access to EC2 (all regions) with it’s AWS provider and integrates AWS services such as RDS, DynamoDB, and S3.




Launch your applications on both public OpenStack providers (RackSpace, HP Cloud) and your own private OpenStack deployment


Want to make the most of your existing VMware infrastructure and applications? Use ElasticBox to give your organization infrastructure on demand while maintaining centralized insight and control.



Google Compute Engine

Using ElasticBox, you can integrate all your Google Compute Engine services across your various zones and regions. Then manage access, based on policies, for your high-performance computing applications.

Collaboration Features

Work smarter together

ElasticBox allows IT to set up policies to control access and allocate resources based on users, groups, or other business needs. Simplify company-wide collaboration while ensuring compliance.

Collaborate on boxes and applications

Developers can share reusable components with other groups and build a library of boxes that capture best practices. Enterprises can establish consistent environment across development, test/QA, staging, and production to streamline the entire application lifecycle management.



Share cloud resources

ElasticBox makes it easy for team members to share cloud accounts and resources according to your policies. Set access permissions and business policies for different resources, while tracking application changes within ElasticBox.

Collaborate within groups

You have full visibility on resources across all the providers you have selected. Detailed utilization reports enable you to tailor the resources to meet the needs of the various departments. Audit logs can also be used for chargeback functions.


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