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  • Compuware and BMC: A Customer-Driven Collaboration

    IT organizations are getting aggressive about driving down their IBM z Systems mainframe costs. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do cost reduction. Compuware and BMC are collaborating to make certain our mutual customers can do their cost-cutting the right way. The wrong way The wrong way to cut costs is […]

  • Topaz: How Millennials Will Save the World Economy

    Millennials have to save the world. They are, after all, inheriting a world in crisis. Climate change, economic disparity, global political upheaval—these are all problems left to them by preceding generations to solve. One of the biggest crises facing Millennials, however, gets very little media attention. That crisis is the future of the mainframe. But […]

  • Agile for Business Agility

    In my previous blog (Going Agile), I identified the need for executive sponsorship in order to transform into a business agility model. When you hear of Agile software development, some of the first thoughts that come to mind are Scrum teams and Sprints. But did you know that there are Agile frameworks besides Scrum, such […]