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IO, IO! Why is my SQL so slow? Storage I/O Impact on#SQLServer Performance > Webinar 4/23 w/@KGdba@brianpaulflynn

Virtualizing#SQLServer: 8 Things to Avoid via@SQLServerMag &@SQLRockstar

RT@kylehhailey “There is nothing quite so useless, as doing w/ gr8 efficiency, smthing that should not be done at all” P. Drucker#datachat

RT@ConfioDean:#datachat many people incorrectly think they will no longer be supported once virtualized, hence they don't try it

RT@kylehhailey: the hash#otw42 (Oaktable World 42 (42 is meaning of life) ) will be used for a future Oaktable#datachat flashmob :)

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