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Enterprise desktop virtualization for laptop users

Citrix XenClient extends the benefits of desktop virtualization to corporate laptops so people can work from anywhere, at any time—whether they have slow, intermittent or no network access—for exceptional flexibility and productivity. IT gains new levels of security, reliability and control as well as simplified desktop management. Hear directly from customers in these XenClient success stories.

    • Simplify delivery of Windows desktops to PCs with a single solution and single image to deploy, update, backup, recover, secure and control enterprise laptops
    • Extend the benefits of Citrix XenDesktop to offline laptops by giving users the ability to work from anywhere while IT maintains centralized control
    • Secure and back up corporate data through an encrypted local virtual machine with automated backup and remote kill
    • Manage shared PC images for kiosks, labs and training with a flexible workspace that reliably snaps back to a pristine state
    • Provide extreme isolation of desktops for high-security environments

The complete client virtualization solution from Citrix

XenClient is included with XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum editions, extending the reach of the unique FlexCastdelivery technology to local virtual machines. With FlexCast, IT can use a single solution to deliver every type of virtual desktop—each specifically tailored to meet the performance, security and flexibility requirements of each individual user.

XenClient Enterprise is also available as a standalone product.

How It Helps

How XenClient helps your business

Citrix XenClient delivers the lowest-cost, simplest device management solution for turning PCs and laptops into centrally-managed, secure virtual appliances. XenClient provides simplified desktop management with security, reliability and control—even when users are offline or experiencing a slow or intermittent network connection.

Eliminate PC device management headaches

XenClient makes managing thousands of PCs as easy as managing one.

  • Apply patches and updates centrally, then stream them transparently in the background. If a patch fails, you can easily roll it back.
  • Eliminate device driver compatibility issues with a consistent set of virtual hardware.
  • Secure and protect PCs against data corruption, loss, attacks and malware.
  • Provide rapid support and troubleshooting remotely through an integrated help desk.

Simplify and secure corporate laptops

XenClient extends the benefits of desktop virtualization to laptops by turning them into manageable, reliable and secure virtual appliances.

  • Enable mobile workstyles with complete control and security—even when users are offline.
  • Protect critical company data wherever it is used.
  • Simplify laptop management and keep laptops updated, even while users are off the corporate network.
  • Expand your hardware options with support for the latest Intel® 3rd Generation Core™ processors.

Achieve endpoint security, isolation and compliance

As user mobility increases, XenClient complements the inherent security of desktop virtualization with full disk encryption, USB filtering and remote kill pills to protect your organization’s desktop and laptops wherever they are.

  • Leverage government-grade security for endpoint control and protection.
  • Keep valuable data out of the wrong hands by disabling or wiping laptops remotely.
  • Meet security requirements across multiple networks to support third-party collaboration.
  • Set expiration and lockout policies to automate monitoring and security management.

Migrate to Windows 7 quickly and easily

With support for Windows XP ending in 2014, Windows 7 migration is imperative. XenClient offers a fast, clean and efficient approach to OS migration.

  • Create a single, hardware-independent disk image to propagate to all machines on the network.
  • Run multiple VMs on the same PC to ease user transition and give IT time to test legacy applications.
  • Minimize support calls and desk-side visits with remote support.
  • Centrally manage PCs to make migration easier, faster and less disruptive for users.

Reduce PC support costs in branch and distributed offices

With XenClient, you can support users in any location with optimal efficiency, react quickly to changes, reduce IT budget and improve user satisfaction.

  • Operate securely and leverage centralized management even while off-network.
  • Manage remote servers centrally with image caching, local backups and fast recovery for remote clients.
  • Maximize the number of clients serviced concurrently while minimizing network impact.

Repurpose PCs as thin clients and reduce capex

XenClient reduces capital costs by repurposing existing hardware and lowers operational costs by centrally managing virtual appliances.

  • Repurpose PCs as thin clients to implement desktop virtualization without new hardware expense.
  • Future-proof your virtual desktops.
  • Create flexible virtual endpoints by turning a PC into both a thin-client device and a virtual PC.

Manage training PCs more easily and cost effectively

XenClient streamlines provisioning by letting you install software and modify system settings instantly across any number of virtual desktops instead of one PC at a time.

  • Reduce traditional infrastructure costs by over 95 percent by separating the OS, apps and data from the physical hardware.
  • Increase overall IT productivity by provisioning, patching and updating desktop images centrally.
  • Eliminate hours of reprovisioning work by delivering multiple VMs to each training PC.
  • Keep student PCs running even when the network goes down and keep the training center schedule on-track.

XenClient Features


True bare-metal client hypervisor

Based on Xen virtualization technology, XenClient delivers true bare-metal performance with the highest levels of security and isolation to run multiple local virtual desktops simultaneously.


Centralized management

XenClient Enterprise Synchronizer provides a scalable centralized platform to configure and deploy multiple local virtual desktops, including those in complex Active Directory trust environments. Enhanced policies and role-based administrative control deliver the granularity IT needs to manage XenClient effectively. IT administrators can define policies to restrict the movement of corporate data or remotely wipe lost or stolen devices. Automatic connection throttling and USB/DVD pre-caching ensure speedy delivery of virtual desktops. User profile virtualization and layering technologies conserve resources by enabling the elective backup of user level data, settings and profiles.


High-definition user experience

The first Type-1 virtualization solution designed for Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (Intel VT-d).XenClient XT provides direct access to the full capabilities of underlying graphics hardware and full Windows Aero, OpenGL and DirectX support for rich, high fidelity video and graphics in a 3D-enabled virtual desktop.


A familiar user experience

IT can transparently hide the client hypervisor. This enables users to stay productive with a desktop experience that feels just like a native PC.


Data and user protection

Each VM image can be fully encrypted with AES-XTS (256-bit encryption) and runs in complete isolation, ensuring that malware or cyber-attacks cannot pass between environments. IT admins can also require two-factor user authentication, enforce time-based VM lease periods for contingent staff such as contractors and interns, and set limits on data movement (USB, optical, networking) for corporate policy enforcement. With role-based administrative control, IT can protect users even further by limiting the number of IT employees who have full access to their data.



Policy-based, automatic backup and recovery

Corporate and user data can be backed up over a secure connection (HTTPS) whenever the user is connected to the Internet. Lost or stolen laptops can be disabled remotely or remotely wiped, ensuring that valuable data is backed up in the datacenter and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

What’s New

New! XenClient 5 and XenClient XT 3.1

At Citrix Synergy Los Angeles 2013, Citrix announced XenClient 5 (previously Project Thunder) and demonstrated its latest release, XenClient XT 3.1. Learn what’s new!

 XenClient 5

Citrix XenClient extends the benefits of desktop virtualization to corporate laptops and makes PCs more manageable, reliable, and secure.

XenClient 5 is a major advancement in client virtualization systems based on centralized image management and a Type-1 hypervisor. It includes the most highly requested features from our enterprise customers and further supports mobile workstyles and the steadily increasing use of corporate laptops.

The key high-level themes of XenClient 5 are outlined below.

Deeper XenDesktop and XenClient integration

  • Personal vDisk integration between XenDesktop and XenClient enable users to retain user-installed applications and desktop settings
  • Citrix Profile Management synchronizes a user’s personalized settings across the hosted desktop and XenClient local desktop environment
  • Server 2012/SQL 2012 extended platform support

Enhanced user experience

  • Support for the hottest new devices with 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors
  • Windows 8 support improvements with higher resolutions and multi-monitor support
  • Broader desktop support with faster boot times and support for USB 3.0 devices

Additional remote access capabilities

  • Remote PC: Remote, yet secure, access to desktops on XenClient
  • NetScaler integration with Synchronizer

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