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AppEnsure provides IT Operations teams with automatically discovered visibility into the actual performance (response time and throughput) of every application in the enterprise. When users and business constituents complain about application performance, AppEnsure allows IT Operations to quickly validate the problem, find the root  cause and address the issue without time-consuming war room meetings and bridge calls.

AppEnsure provides this capability for all Windows and Linux applications irrespective of their source (custom developed or purchased) and irrespective of how they are deployed (physical, virtual, or in a public cloud).


  • Broad Application Support means that every Windows and Linux applications is supported whether it is purchased or custom developed
  • Automatic Application Discovery identifies each application by name with no manual configuration
  • Application Topology Mapping maps each application across all of its tiers, and into its supporting infrastructure
  • Root Cause Analytics look into the data center components to discover and report what is causing the current problem
  • Cloud Friendly Architecture allows application components to reside anywhere with a common management back end

Visit the AppEnsure site.

[tab:Response Time and Throughput]

AppEnsure identified each application by name and then automatically and continuously measures the response time and throughput across all of the tiers for that application. When either response time or throughput degrade, an alarm is raised which contains actionable root cause diagnostics.


Visit the AppEnsure site.

[tab:Topology Mapping]

AppEnsure automatically constructs and continuously keeps up to date a topology map for every application. This map spans all of the tiers of the application and also maps the dependencies of the application components to their underlying infrastructure. Response Time and Throughput are measured across the map, hop-by-hop and end-to-end.


 Visit the AppEnsure site. 


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