2 comments for “News: ProjectVRC Releases New White Paper about Impact of Antivirus on VDI

  1. David
    January 18, 2013 at 12:18 PM

    It is nice to know what the implication is of various antivirus solutions on VDI performance but this test has almost no real life value because of two reasons.

    1. They’ve tested a configuration which consists of a two year old version of VMware vSphere (4.1) and they’ve used an HP ProLiant DL380 G6 which was a good server 4 to 5 years ago but is an ancient piece of iron compared to today’s standards.
    2. The workloads they’ve used are Outlook/Word/Excel/PowerPoint 2007 (most recent version 2013), Internet Explorer and Acrobat Reader. Besides the fact that the workloads are also based on outdated version, it’s also not a comparable real life workload. I would have liked to see social media type applications (FaceBook, Twitter, etc), some collaboration tools like SharePoint, softphone applications with the use of audio and audio/video.

    So, it’s a nice first try but it only shows what the impact of AV products is on an 2+ years outdated infrastructure with no real life workloads. I hope they use up-to-date servers, vSphere and applications in version 2.0.

  2. January 18, 2013 at 12:53 PM


    Its fair to raise the points. I’d counter that that h/w in use is not dissimilar to hardware in use today. I’d also counter that while 2013 is the latest versionof Office – many organisations I come across are using 2007 today. While facebook and twitter are popular apps, they tend not to be popular business apps. Sharepoint is a web app for internal resources – so a web app. How would an audio redirection impact the concerns of AV? CPU use?

    But as you say – and the document I think demonstrates, there is value testing. What is useful is the methodology is shown so you can tweak and amend as you see fit for your environment. There is also value in thinking about changing the configuration of AV settings for a VDI environment.

    ultimately, as in any doc on scaling, ymmv.

    Thanks for sharing.

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