VMworld 2013 is upon us and one of our tasks is to figure out which vendor’s booths to go see. With over 230 booths to choose from this is a daunting task. If you are interested in finding creative new solutions to your management, monitoring, deployment, security, data protection, and desktop management problems, this list will help you.

Virtualization Management Categories Defined

Here are the definitions of the eight virtualization management categories profiled below:

  • Operations Management – Operations Management is a broad category of products that are used to support the day-to-day performance, capacity and configuration management tasks that face virtualization administrators. While all of these products support vSphere, some support other hypervisors as well.
  • Infrastructure Performance Management – IPM is APM for the infrastructure. It is all about the end-to-end and hop-by-hop latency of the infrastructure in support of the workloads running on the infrastructure. The thesis of this category is that in a virtual environment you cannot infer the performance of the infrastructure from resource utilization metrics, you have to measure it directly and continuously.
  • Automation and Orchestration – This category has come into its own this year. The focus is upon allowing you to automatically manage what runs on your servers (physical, virtual or cloud), update them at scale, and keep them consistent. Think of this category as BladeLogic Version 2.0.
  • Cloud Management – Cloud Management is about building clouds on your vSphere infrastructure, and extending those clouds to other hypervisors, as well as to public cloud infrastructures.
  • Virtualization Security – Virtualization Security is about protecting the infrastructure, the systems software, the middleware, the applications, and all data from unauthorized use or attacks.
  • Virtualization Backup and Data Protection – Backup and Data Protection ensure that your data is always available for you (and no one else), irrespective of what failures or disasters have occurred in or to your IT environment.
  • Desktop Virtualization – Desktop Virtualization is about using virtualization as a catalyst to combine the benefits of user flexibility and centralized management.

Booths to Visit at VMworld 2013

VendorProductCategoryWhat Makes Them SpecialNew at VMworld 2013Booth #
 Operations Management
CirbaCirbaOperations ManagementCiRBA is the world’s leading capacity transformation and control system for virtual and cloud infrastructure. CiRBA improves infrastructure efficiency between 40 to 70 percent without introducing risk.CiRBA is introducing its new Reservation Console that enables organizations to automate new workload routing and capacity reservations in internal clouds728
 DellFoglight for Virtualization Operations Management Suite Operations ManagementThe Foglight for Virtualization product portfolio helps businesses of all sizes address a number of data transformation challenges – from optimizing performance and efficiency in your virtual environment to solving end-to-end storage and virtualization challenges in complex and cloud based systems.Foglight for Virtualization, Enterprise includes support for VMware vCloud Director, VMware View and vvSphere 5.5. The Standard edition, designed for SMBs, includes new power consumption features that cut operating costs. Foglight for Storage Management 3.0 features new pool level analysis, one-click performance troubleshooting and support for Dell Compellent, Dell equilLogic and EMC VMAX.1219
CloudPhysicsCloudPhysics Operations Management CloudPhysics uses big data to bring “Collective Intelligence” to operations management by analyzing and learning from 1000s of datacenters to offer meaningful insight. A simple and affordable SaaS-based platform. Their Card Builder platform makes it extensible for you (and 3rd parties) to develop additional functionality and applications. 1. Knowledge Base Advisor – Immediately scan your entire virtualized infrastructure and match against knowledge bases.  2. Card Store – first-ever app store for private cloud and virtualized IT operations. 3, Card Builder – WYSIWYG report and app builder with historical and performance data.1934
ExtraHop NetworksContext and Correlation Engine Operations Management
ExtraHop leverages wire data to deliver deep IT Operations visibility and business insights through its Context and Correlation Engine. Without agents, ExtraHop analyzes application transactions in real time, at up to 20Gbps, through the full-stream reassembly and full-content analysis of network traffic.
HotLinkSuperVISOR, Hybrid Express, DR ExpressOperations ManagementHotLink’s unique transformation technology extends VMware vCenter to fully administer & manage Hyper-V, KVM, XenServer, and Amazon EC2 – no additional consoles are required. Cross-platform cloning, migration, templates & workload conversions are all supported.The new HotLink DR Express extends VMware vCenter capabilities to include Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity in Amazon. Within minutes of a VMware failure, workloads are restored and operational in Amazon EC2, fully manageable by VMware vCenter. It’s only $25/VM/month!2048
HPVirtual Performance Viewer (VPV)Operations ManagementvPV is designed to efficiently detect and troubleshoot performance issues in a wide range virtualized and cloud environments. It can be installed quickly and is easy to use.1405

Applications Manager

Operations ManagementAgentless monitoring for a heterogeneous set of applications and servers along with a single pane of glass view across physical, virtual and cloud IT infrastructure.New release of Application Manager that automatically maps VMware vSphere® servers and their virtual machines (VMs) to their underlying physical storage arrays and that also now monitors new key performance indicators (KPIs) of VMware vSphere servers and their VMs.2410
Reflex SystemsVirtualization Management CenterOperations ManagementReflex Systems provides enterprise software solutions that improve the ability for organizations to manage and scale virtualized data centers and private clouds. Via a unique integrated combination of visualization, monitoring, analysis, reporting, and automation options, Reflex optimizes both the operation and performance of your virtual environment.628
SplunkSplunk App for VMwareOperations ManagementSplunk® software collects, indexes and harnesses the machine-generated big data coming from the websites, applications, servers, networks and mobile devices that power business. New release of the Splunk App for VMware.2023
TeamQuestTeamQuest Performance Software SuiteOperations Management One toolset for optimizing performance through multiple technology layers, from apps to VMs to physical servers to storage. Use data from VMware, your apps, and existing management tools to manage capacity and reduce latency. Do it proactively with more precision. Resolve problems before they occur using TeamQuest Risk Prediction. TeamQuest Risk Prediction can show you when VMs will begin to show performance issues, and why. You’ll know how much time you have and what to do to avoid impending disaster. 429
VMTurboOperations ManagerOperations ManagementVMTurbo provides the only software-defined control system for businesses running mission-critical applications on virtualized or cloud infrastructure. VMTurbo can increase infrastructure efficiency and virtual machine densities 30% or more beyond native hypervisors—without introducing service delivery risk.New Extensions for Storage (to control actions to the back-end of datastores) and Hybrid Clouds (to provide guidance regarding when and what workload to run in private or public clouds). 611
VMwarevCenter Operations and Log InsightOperations ManagementAutomated operations management solution with self-learning analytics, application awareness and integrated performance, capacity and configuration management for virtual and cloud infrastructure.New Log Insight Log Management solution. 1229
ZenossService DynamicsOperations ManagementLeading provider of unified IT monitoring and management software for physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT infrastructures. Over 35,000 organizations worldwide have deployed Zenoss to manage their networks, servers, virtual devices, storage, and cloud infrastructure.VMware ZenPack; get real-time view of your VMware environment, monitor events & performance, reduce MTTR, enable Hybrid IT monitoring. ZSD Analytics; service-level status of your IT environment through a single dashboard, identify trends to reduce MTTR, insight for strategic planning. 2424
 Infrastructure Performance Management
CloudByteElastiStorInfrastructure Performance ManagementElastiStor turns economical shared storage into predictable performance for each and every application or virtual machine.VMware certification of ElastiStor as a supported NAS and SAN storage solution.2035
GigamonGigaVUE Fabric Manager Visibility as a Service, the new GigaVUE-VM for Virtual Network visibility, and GigaVUE-CV for SDN controller visibility2017
TintriTintriInfrastructure Performance ManagementTintri Zero Management Storage™ helps IT organizations eliminate storage complexity and minimize costs for their virtualized environments. Built on the industry’s first VM-Aware Storage architecture, Tintri VMstore improves performance, predictability and productivity—all while slashing costs..New Tintri Global Center is a centralized control platform that enables multiple Tintri VMstore systems to function as one.1705
RiverbedRiverbed Catalyst and AppExpertInfrastructure Performance ManagementRiverbed helps enterprises successfully and intelligently implement strategic initiatives such as virtualization, consolidation, cloud computing, and disaster recovery without fear of compromising performance.2012
XangatiXangati Management Dashboard (XMD) SuiteInfrastructure Performance ManagementLive and continuous tracking to scale of virtual infrastructure and virtual desktop performance health (server+hypervisor, storage and network, desktops). Problems identified within first hour of install using analytics-driven Storm Tracker capability.New dashboards for various IT and application stakeholders; VDI dashboard enhancements2429
 IT Automation and Orchestration
IntiguaIntiguaAutomation and Orchestration The only automation platform for centralized, policy-based provisioning, configuration and ongoing management of your entire management stack (Splunk, Hyperic, NetBackup, Puppet, Tivoli, etc.), accelerating delivery of production-ready VMs that are compliant with corporate policies across virtual, private and public clouds. 2423
Puppet LabsPuppetAutomation and OrchestrationIT automation software that gives system administrators the power to easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications, and proactively manage infrastructure changes, on-premise or in the cloud.Puppet Enterprise Content Pack for VMware Log Insight ManagerInfrastructure lifecycle management for VMware’s vCloud Hybrid Service 2241
OpscodeChefAutomation and OrchestrationChef is an open-source systems integration framework built specifically for automating the cloud. 1748
 Cloud Management
ElasticBoxElasticBoxCloud ManagementUsing ElasticBox, you can define and deploy any application on any cloud your way. ElasticBox solution, offered as a service or virtual appliance, supports private, public, or hybrid cloud while streamlining application lifecycle management.543
EmboticsV-CommanderCloud ManagementEmbotics®, a leading provider of Cloud
Management Software, develops and markets
vCommander™, a Cloud Management
Platform. vCommander is multi-hypervisor and
now supports both private and public cloud
provisioning. vCommander is fast to deploy,
easy to use and affordable.

Embotics is showcasing vCommander
Version 5.0 that enables users to cost model different platforms, consume private and public clouds, and will be releasing its new Cloud Service Broker (CSB) Platform that enables ITaaS with enterprise capabilities for the mid-market.

ServiceMeshAgility PlatformCloud ManagementServiceMesh provides a cloud management platform that enables on-demand, self-service IT to Global 2000 Enterprises. Customers use the Agility Platform to automate management of applications and platforms across hybrid clouds, and accelerate software releases across the development lifecycle. Agility Platform’s infrastructure independent application blueprints automate the deployment of complex, multi-tier workloads across clouds. The Release Manager module is a visual dashboard to promote application code and complete deployment environments across SDLC stages for release automation and DevOps623
Virtualization Security
AFORECloudLink and CypherXVirtualization SecurityWhat makes them special: AFORE enables organizations to realize the benefits of cloud and virtualized IT deployments ensuring applications and data are protected against all forms of cyber threats. CloudLink® is a secure virtual storage appliance and their new CypherX product protects hosted virtual desktops and applications.CypherX cybersecurity solution for virtual desktops (VDI) and cloud-hosted application platforms seamlessly and efficiently places applications in secure virtual containers, encrypting all data and managing access with granular trust policies protecting sensitive data from all forms of cyber and insider threats.2146
CatbirdCatbirdVirtualization SecurityCatbird® vSecurity® protects virtualized infrastructure. As the only integrated network security solution purpose-built for virtual environments, vSecurity also provides fully automated regulatory compliance enforcement able to block attacks in real-time as well as compliance assurance with audit ready reports. vSecurity demonstration in booth. Hands-on-Lab with VMwareHOL-PRT-1306 Customer Case Study Session Wednesday, August 28 11:30am-12:30pm 311
HytrustHytrust Appliance 3.5Virtualization Security Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, HyTrust(R), is the Cloud Security Automation (CSA) company. HyTrust delivers the essential real-time control, security, administrative account monitoring, logging and compliance assurance necessary to enable the benefits of cloud adoption and virtualization of critical workloads.Check out the New Multi-Tenancy policy wizard that allows you to start protecting your VMware virtual infrastructure in minutes! Also, check out the latest product developments built for the Federal community!304
SymantecCritical System Protection
Virtualization SecuritySymantec protects the world’s information, and is a global leader in security, backup and availability solutions.1537
XccediumXsuiteVirtualization Security Xsuite is the only privileged identity management solution that protects systems running across hybrid clouds: traditional systems, VMware, AWS, Microsoft 365. Xsuite protects both virtual infrastructure–VMware vSphere Web Client, vCloud Director, and vShield Manager–and the guest systems running within. Xceedium is extending Xsuite support to vCloud Director and vShield Manager537
Backup and Data Protection
Quantum vmProVirtualization BackupQuantum is a proven global expert in data protection and big data management, providing specialized storage solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments. 929
VeeamVeeam Backup & ReplicationVirtualization BackupVeeam provides powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solutions that are Built for Virtualization™ and the cloud—a perfect fit for the modern datacenter. New Veeam Backup & Replication v7 is now available! Veeam Backup & Replication v7 delivers new features and enhancements that make it easier than ever to protect your virtual environment1629
ZertoZertoVirtualization BackupZerto provides enterprise-class disaster recovery and business continuity software specifically for virtualized data centers and cloud environments.Zerto Virtual Replication 3.0 is Now Available for Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds. In addition to enterprise-class RPO and RTO, simplicity and scalability – key features of Zerto’s earlier offerings – ZVR 3.0 includes new functionality for DR, data protection and workload migration.629
Desktop Virtualization
GreenBytesvIO, IO Offload EngineDesktop VirtualizationGreenBytes delivers patented IO-Offload desktop virtualization optimization solutions that maximize the effective performance and capacity of existing infrastructure to provide full-featured virtual desktops (persistent or non-persistent) with the manageability, scalability and affordability required for cloud-scale VDI deployments.New Release of vIO 4.0735
TeradiciPCoIPDesktop VirtualizationTeradici PCoIP® technology powers the spectrum of local, remote, mobile and collaborative workstyles. Our PCoIP technology is deployed end-to-end in virtual environments to deliver secure, high-definition computing experiences.New release of PCoIP Hardware Accelerator (APEX). PCoIP Network Optimization905


We wish you safe travels to and from VMworld 2013 and a great show. The one certainty is that the virtualization and cloud landscapes will be different after VMware and all of the vendors in the ecosystem make their announcements next week. VMware’s new Software Defined Data Center strategy is going to usher in a set of changes as profound as those precipitated by virtualization itself – and that entire journey lies in front of us.

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