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Michael KeenI have been successful at delivering a consistent message for the past fifteen years to audiences from the C-suite to middle management, and that is in today’s ever-changing business climate, successful companies are those that create an enterprise that can effectively synchronize business and IT. By matching their company's evolving business needs to their IT environments, they can strike a balance across managing costs and risks, increasing value and quality, and enhancing business agility. By using people, process, and technology I have helped IT organizations through the transformation into a fundamental enabler for the enterprise. Through this transformation, the enterprise shifts from a series of disjointed business units with isolated, manually connected applications to one that has distributed, integrated business processes that connects with trading partners and is supported by a common, shared infrastructure. It is an evolutionary path, not revolutionary transformation and this type of enterprise is not bought but built. This is what I have dedicated my career to helping companies understand. Specialties IT Strategic Planning & Roadmap Enterprise Architecture & Framework Data & IT Strategy Integration Cloud Computing / Virtualization IT Portfolio Management Engagement Management Business Development & Growth Client, Team & Partner Relations

I’ve often written about using change and disruption as a competitive weapon in business, but John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems, is the epitome of using change and disruption as a way to gain market share and outrun his competition. As stated in previous articles “change presents opportunities”. The ability to adapt to change is a key advantage in business. To survive, compete, and win, enterprises must adapt. However, because change is often disruptive and expensive, few organizations are prepared to take advantage consistently of the opportunities that change presents. This is not the case with Cisco.

The industry landscape is shifting with many major players beginning to acquire companies or enter into competitive agreements with others. Either way we look at it, certain companies won’t be around a year from now. One merger that makes a lot of sense to me as an industry analyst is the marriage of HP and Citrix. In this analysis, I’ll give you some of my reasons why this looks so attractive to both companies.

In a recent discussion with a group of executives, I stated “these are very tough times, but the technology is there to be revolutionary and make great things happen for the business. I told them that they just need to be that revolutionary person to drive change.” I’ve had a couple of comments online and more offline directly to me around innovation. I wanted to share some of my thoughts on being innovative and some things that you can do to help push the “innovation envelope” and create a dynamic IT environment.

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