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James RankinJames has worked in IT since 1995, spending nearly ten years as a server engineer and systems administrator before choosing to focus heavily on user and application virtualization in late 2004. Based in the north-east of England, he runs his own consultancy focusing primarily on Citrix, AppSense, Microsoft and VMware technologies. He recently received the AppSense Community Advisor award for contributions to the online USV community.

Java is currently the leading exploit vector for Windows machines, and Java vulnerabilities are packaged into many of the “exploit kits” available in the darker corners of the Internet (see Internet Explorer, Flash Player, and even the Windows operating system itself have done a good job of either improving the security of their products or…


What Is Enterprise File Synchronization? Enterprise file synchronization (EFS) is a maturing area, and one that is crucial to many modern software deployments—particularly those that involve any form of desktop virtualization. In the past, solutions like Microsoft’s offline files were used to provide this kind of requirement, but it was a technology that was neither…

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